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“This little school is awesome with all the possibilities to do outdoor stuff and see so many different parts of Vancouver Island. Thank you for making all of us feel that we’re welcome here.”

Merle, Berlin, Germany


“You are so friendly, happy and the teachers are great. It was a pleasure to be here and learn English.”

Aurelie, France


“I love this place, this people, country, weather and, of course, my great teachers and my good friends. Seven months was sooo short and it was the best time of my life.”

Kuri, Japan


“I can’t explain in words what I feel, you guys changed me in a good way. Everybody is so nice! including the teachers, besides the good teaching,they are very nice and friendly. I was so lucky to have come to this school.”

Carlos, Santiago, Chile


“I want to thank you all for the great time I had at this school! It often felt like being in a big family and I had a lot of fun. What I really liked about (the Island Oak community) is your individuality and your big hearts.”

Miriam, Grobensell, Germany


“Good time doing equations during math lessons with Gary, the best math and sciences teacher I ever had, good time with Richard that made social studies interesting to me for the first time. Good time in the office, during French lessons, playing basketball or writing songs and playing guitar, so nice I will never forget...” Rob, France


“The most rewarding experience was going on exchange to France and the opportunity to travel outside our small Waldorf community and look upon the broader world...”

Alexander, Island Oak graduate

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