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Nanaimo Innovation Academy is excited to open an elementary school program this September 2022! Apply now!!!

Imagine when you were a child... What kind of school would you have loved going to every day?

  • A school designed for you to get muddy and play in the dirt.

  • Teachers who loved learning with children and were inspired by a child's interests.

  • Going on adventures each day to explore the surrounding forests and community. 

  • Taught through experience and hands on activities. 

  • No homework. Ever.

  • Tests were collaborative or creative or narrative or exploratory....anything but memorization.

  • You used real tools to make real projects. 

  • You were trusted to guide your own education. 

  • Food was something you had a hand in growing, picking, and making. 

  • You learned from elders, immigrants, community members, and  people unlike you. 

We are creating such a place. We invite you to join us. 

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