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We are incredibly proud of our graduates and are excited to celebrate in their sucesses!

Our graduates go on to do a number of interesting things--post secondary study, travel the world, discover their passions through volunteering, enter the workforce, compete at a sport, and so much more.


Here are updates from some of our past students: 


Yann-Sebastien (2007)

Yann-Sebastien has entered PhD at the University of British Columbia in Sciences with a full scholarship in December 2015. He was recognized as a very capable student during his Master's degree.After one year of doing his Master's in Science, he switched to the PhD program in the same department.

Rosalie-Sophia (2009) 

Rosalie is a very happy, well-rounded performer/ full time student at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal. With auditions held each year in more than six Canadian cities, only twelve students are accepted annually into the program. There were three phases to the selections of candidates this year at National Theatre School of Canada. After the Canada-wide auditions, there was one call back for forty students (out of approximately 300 to 400 candidates). The forty students attended three days of intensive training, after which twelve were chosen. Rosalie was one of them.

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